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Most often there are extra parts to fit other applications, like the extra boot clamps of differing sizes, the extra axle retaining rings, all easy to figure out as they were numbered, but there were two types of lube!

The tubes at a glance looked the same so at first I thought that it took two tubes to fill each joint and boot, but the second one I opened was a cream color, (A.00)
The other one was less opaque and had a yellow tint to it (B.00).

I used the B.00 as it was the first one I grabbed, and used and the axle boot and joint were already filled.

So, anyone know if I used the correct lube?

If not, I plan on swapping out the struts in a few weeks and the boot clamps are the good ones that lever over so I could clean and re-lube them if I had to.
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