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Backfiring through intake? WTF M8s?

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So yeah, its been happening more often now, but! Heres the story.

So, ive been driving normally, cars all warmed up, i leave a light, chug off in first and the car stutters a little, the exhaust gets offbeat, and POP! from the intake, and then it runs all purdy like.

I dont get it.. how can the timming be off if you CANT CHANGE IT!?!??! Arrugh..

So yeah guys, i dont know what to do.. :puzzled:
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Did you clean your throttle body and the sensors that are in the intake manifold?:)
Yes'sir. But there is sensors in the intake?!!? like the manifold!??!
Backfiring thro the intake means your timming is way ****ed up ... check your timming belt latley?
Its um... 80 thouseand over due... :dead:

Easy as pie too me and a friend a few hours in my garage ... just make sure you have a puller to get the pulley off ... i changed all the belts and water pump ... take your time and its cake ... definatley the problem .
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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