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Anyway this is kind of a race but not as much as me showing people not to do dumb **** on the road... I was driving around tonight with my friend as i left a royal farm parking lot and get out on the road and some VW cabriolet like a 2000 or so comes flyin up on my ass. I look in my mirrors and see she is peeking around like she is gonna pass even though it is only a two lane road one lane for each way. So anyway to kinda get on her nerves for riding my ass i set the cruise control at 30 mph which is the speed limit for around a mile and then i got to big straight away outside a school and i see her go to the side into the oncomming traffic lane so i speed up as to not let her pass and show her its a dumb idea to do that **** and we got upto around 65 mph which was a dumb idea but i wasnt paying much attention at the time and then at the end of the straight away out of a turn comes a car in the oncomming traffic lane and the white cabriolet starts going like she is about to ram me into the gaurd rail instead of hittin the brakes so to give her enough time to get over and not to put the other car in any more danger i slam on my brakes and go over and the bitch in the cabriolet flys in the right lane and still is flying and she blows through a stop sign after that....But I think she got the idea it was a dumb move. But damn didnt know wheather to put this into flame or here but one last thing...I was kickin here ass before i stopped!

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