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Bars leak products..any good?

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I'm attempting to fix the head gasket problem on my S13..240SX

i bought this head gasket repair in a bottle by bars leak's and so far, i've gone through half of the instructions..

GOOD News:the car doesn't seem to be sucking in water anymore as the tailpie isn't full of pillowing white smoke which is steam.

Bad NEWS:Leave it to one broken spark plug wire to ruin everything..and cause a misfire..
now the car's revving like a truck

but anywayz..any testimonials with the products?
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Fix the problem properly. DO you really want copper and magnese flakes running around in your cooling system, destroying impeller seals and clogging rad cores, not to mention smelling like **** when you turn the heat on?

I can't believe you added that **** to your motor...
I also have had no luck with any sealant additives. They clog everything. Most notably the radiator and heater core, but occasionally the hole you're trying to seal.

In order to lessen the problems for yourself I would drain your radiator and flush your coolant system. Then I would fix your head gasket. Head gaskets aren't that hard to do.

The only time I would recommend sealer products such as the one you used is on something like a 30 year old farm pickup that you're hoping to get another few thousand miles out of before trashing entirely.
Yeah haha my friend's GF's pulsar blew a head gasket, and that stuff sealed it.

For a week.

now, instead of replacing just the headgasket and possibly plaining the head, the entire cooling system (major components) has to be replaced.


well, my 240sx seem's to be running good after the gasket fix seal.

engine is purring and the car accelerate's pretty good, although i shouldn't be doing so.

should i expect it to last? or consider it a temporarily remedy?
Originally posted by TAK82
well, my 240sx seem's to be running good after the gasket fix seal.

engine is purring and the car accelerate's pretty good, although i shouldn't be doing so.

should i expect it to last? or consider it a temporarily remedy?
It may hold if you're relatively easy on it. But look at what had to happen to fill the gap in your head filled a sizable gap. Think about all that crap still circulating around your cooling system, clogging radiator passages and your heater core. Drain that **** out immediately! It's done all the "good" it can do and the longer you leave it in there the worse things will be for you.

That's the problem with these sealer products. If they work they seal a bunch of other stuff you don't want sealed also. If they don't damage your coolant system then they also don't seal your head gasket leak...
well, after the stuff sealed my head gasket, i flushed it numerous timne's until only water came out of the petcock.

Bottle say's strength of a bulletproof vest and the heat resistenace of as fireproof jacket.....yeah".

my leaky water pump stopped leaking as well,
the temperature gauge read's just above half and the car seem's fine..

Now, who want's to buy it?
Get ready to replace the leaky water pump. I guarantee that fix won't hold. It's probably the bearing seal going out from a bad bearing so it will need replaced soon. If it was leaking at the gasket it may hold but being torqued on by the drive belt constantly under load it'll probably wear loose anyways.

And I didn't mean that the leak sealer = instant engine death, it's just not good for it and will create a lot of long term problems compared to fixing the head gasket. Head gasket sealer is a hell of a lot better than radiator sealer because head gasket sealer generally has small particles that require 300+ degree temperatures to harden. Radiator sealer doesn't and fills a lot of passages you don't want filled. It's good you flushed the crap out but I surely wouldn't consider it a permanent fix. Now that it appears to be running fine you could sell it as being in good operating order if you don't believe in Karma.
Man, all that draining and refilling... all you had to do was buy a headgasket, a 6-pack, and a water pump and begin the repairs.

I did a waterpump on my GA16DE sentra, it was NOT fun. On the Pony, and on a KA24, it's RWD so it's super easy. 6 bolts, 30 mins, done.
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