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Best looking body kit for Rd1 tiburon

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I dont know if this is the right sight for this but I've been looking to buy a body kit. I want to know what one you think would look the best. I do not want to spend over $800 dollars for it. Please post pics of it mounted if you can please.
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personally i think the cuda body kit is the best looking "kit" they make for our tibs. that should take u to where u wana be. u can also go to google and do a search for 2001 tiburon cuda and click the 1st link. ive actually got that bumper layin around, never got around to any prep work, painting, and i have never mounted it. let me know if ur intrested. [email protected]
I agree that Cuda was the best kit ever made for the Tib. However...the link you provided applies to RD2 tibs. However...there is a Cuda kit for the RD1...I think you would have to look at to see if they have a pic up of it...if they are even around anymore.
my bad :dead: perhaps i should pay a bit more attention.:hmmm:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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