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I've scoured the forums to see if anyone has ever mentioned this but if I missed a thread somewhere feel free to post it encase I am wrong!

New member here, I own a 2004 Accent Hatch (LC2) 5MT and I am actually set on doing a Beta swap. I was reading and noticed that the Beta 1 RD chassis 2.0L engine block is actually somewhat stronger than the GK Beta 2 swap but the Beta 2 non CVVT 2.0L has better flowing heads and thought, "Hey, why not do a combo" but to no avail, I have seen no one mention anything about a beta 1 swap so here it is! My questions are this:

1. Is the G4GF (Beta 1) block design that much different than the G4GC (Beta 2) where it would have anything to make the swap harder to do than just fully Beta 2 swapping it?

2. What are the shortcomings of doing a Beta 1 swap over a Beta 2 I'd probably expect to run into when trying to undergo the swap

3. Furthermore, to do a Beta 1 swap, would it cost more to get the whole thing done in total over the Beta 2 which seems to cost about $1200 total to do?

I do not mind doing either as I personally just want to get more power out of my Accent as soon as I can to have much more potential to build off of so later on I can turbo it as I already know what turbo I'd want to use and the parts I can use from Mitsubishi to make a turbo setup work, but for now as long as I can keep the swap budget 2k and under, I'll be alright even if I can't do the Beta 1 swap or it may cost too much to get done. But I will be lying if I didn't say I wanted to get the strongest bottom end possible before going with this decision! Whatever help would be appreciated gents! :)
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