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Beta 1 injectors in an 01 accent 1.6

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i just got beta 1 injectors and i have a few questions
1.will these fit like the factory injectors?
2.will i see a noticeable gain?
3.if they dont fit how much can i sell them for?
thanx in advance ,
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someone help! i've been wondering the same thing!
.... come on someone has to know, i was planning on installing these tomorrow
Worse case scenerio, no one can help and you find out yourself. Then you can devulge this valuable bit of knowlege to all who ask. That ought to make you feel good. Sorry I can't help. I really wanted to feel special too.

*forgive the sarcasm, this is how I get whem I'm tired... and I'm too tired to rewrite it without it.*

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Remove the old ones and plug the beta1 injectors. The fuel rail will sit a little higher than before. I used plastic tire ups to hold it in place and it worked fine ever since. Also, the plug will be different and need a rewiring with new electrical plugs. It's very easy to do this. Enjoy..
Try and take pics and do a write-up if you can. Obviously this is a somewhat easy mod, that I'm sure others would enjoy to have info on. Good luck.
If you are installing those injectors they will work, but your car will run rich really rich, so I would recommend that you get a big throttle body and an apexi to lean out those injectors. Trust me your car will throw a code in like 2 days even with boost, but for some reason while I was boosting the car ran rich so my apexi may have to be retuned
Your going to loose power, burn up your cat with unburnt fuel, and get a CEL. Save your money on injectors and get an SAFC. If your not running some serious mods the oversized injectors will do nothing but hurt.

EDITing with an the reason why the above is going to happen:

Hyundai ECMs are known for running a little rich at the higher rpms anyway

Your computer has NO IDEA you just installed larger injectors so the injector pulse width will stay the same for a short time. So you will end up wayyy to rich

Before your ecm can adjust that unburnt fuel will eat away at the cat, cats hate unburnt fuel.

After a few days or day.. the ecm will see its trying way to hard to lean that mix out and say something has gone wrong. Throwing check engine light. The engine will continue to run to rich, run like poo, and distroy whats left of the cat.

Then you will loose power from a rich mix and a clogged up cat that no longer lights off... causing another check engine light and furthur loss of power. The clogged cat will lead to more heat building up in the manifold, then to the head, etc...

IMO its a baaaaddddd idea. Until you go boost. ;):

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thanx for all the replys guys and i figured that out by using my little friend the search button, which i should have done before posting this. Any way thier in the for sale forum if anyone is interested, and the price is obo.
hey atleast you asked before going on a limb and installing something that would have done more harm than good. Kinda the reason there are sites like this. Learn from other peoples mistakes and save money, or help others out if you make a mistake and save them money 8D
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