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beta accent vs ******* #hittalker in silverado

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so there's this ******* guy who used to work at domino's he's about 18 years old,

he hate's imports..he's stuck and swear's by the big 3..
he call's my car the common POS rice burner because it has a cold air intake and now becase it has a rear section sport exhaust in which he say's it sound's like a muffler from wal-mart.

i'm a tad ticked off..but just laugh it off..

well, it seem's he got a POS 1994 "former fleet vehicle" forest green chevrolet silverado 1500 with a Vortec 5.9L V8 complete with a puny front bush gaurd.

well, i just got out of my shift and while he was leaving..i catch after him..
we come to a intersection with us dide by side waiting for the light to turn green,
what he didn't know about was the beta swap and i was eager to suprise him, and here he is revving the nut's out of that outdated v8 like he's revving a srt-10 or something.

i hold a steady 4KRPM and drop it on green, the pick up on the other hand being a automatic can't do launche's like a manul can and by the time i launched, i was already a full car length ahead
he did managed to gain at me at low end speeds but by the time he hit 4th, the engine was helplessy grunting what speed it could at such low rpm's while my beta exceled at top end torque and i was going and going and going.

we did another run..this time crusing starting from 30mph..
i had the beta in 2nd gear and we both gunned first the chevy pulled ahead for about 4 second's while my beta had to be revved to reach high the time i hit 60 mph..i was pulling away from him fott by foot...and damn, i slow down and we both gun it again and again he pull's away but i catch up son after handing his ass for the 3rd time.

i turn into a gas station for gas while the wdefeated ******* goe's roaring into route 29..crazy ******* turdboy.

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It's a 5.7L not a 5.9. Also, wait till he starts to modify that 350. It don't matter how many miles those motors have, it'll still hold it's own with a few bolt ons.
when he mod's his 350, i'l be supercharging my beta or turboing the piss out of it.

damn gas guzzlers
sounds like your motor swapped accent barely beat a stock 1994 chevy truck. :lol:
believe me, the beta accent is quick but not explosivly quick
here's some reasons

1:it's still running on stock LC exhaust
2:it running on WAI
3:crank pulley and manifold are stock

so i'm basically raced him with an all stock internal engine.

sorry but those vortec v8 pick-ups are not to be underestimated because they're a domestic.
I'm just sayin that they have more potential for more power for less money. All he has to do is get rid of that clutchfan for a set of electric fans, and he just released some power to stomp you with.

With TAKs setup he should only be running a low 16 maybe a high 15. I ran ryan's betaswap when it was like that and he was just a liiittttlllee bit quicker than me. He needed the higher revs to pull. Over 5.5k rpm he started to move, below that the accent exhaust chokes the beta. Now... once its running again. We shall see. He has exhaust installed. It should be interesting. Like.. im going to get beat, but itll be fun to see how much a non-accent exhaust does for the betaswappers.

Those older v8s in stock form where awesome off the line or a roll then lose it up top... the newer 5.3 chevys are slower off the line but move better later. Even if he could beat tak with a few bolt ons its still taking him 4 times the gas to do it. :D
i think you surprised this guy, which is good. but you're right, anything on the street with less than 400 hp is just kinda like a gnat that wont go away.
what i say is f**k hicks i hate them with a passion. you should have told him what are you talking about wal-mart is the hick store. f**king red-necks god i hate them!!!
i'm probably gonna get a full exhaust done sometime in the future
complete with dual muffler's and resonator's to hush the car down.

my clutch is going so i'll need to replace that too.

so, anyone wanna sell me a crank pully or a header for the beta II?

also..he Conctantly shouts "***********" in front of people....freaking neo KKK Turd.

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i got my stock crank pulley from my beta 1. if you do a dual exhaust make sure to get it done right or else you'll just be losing power.
Just make sure after the split it doesn't keep the same pipe size. Like go from 2 1/4 to two 2 1/4 pipes. Massive loss of exhaust velocity, not a good thing.
Originally posted by Lilo Shark
i got my stock crank pulley from my beta 1. if you do a dual exhaust make sure to get it done right or else you'll just be losing power.

sorry, i meant aluminum crank pulley
Why do a dual exhaust on an accent? At least boost the beta first so you dont look stupid.
crud, i meant dual high flow resonators in one straight line along with a dynomax muffler with something fatter then stock pipe dimensions.
Good stuff.
Give me $300 and I can make that LT1 (or LT4 depending on the vehicle) kill a beta.

With bolt ons.

Not that I dont think tiburon powered accents arent quick... **** they beat my car.
yeah right, i'll snap of the acceleration faster than rwd vehicles can,

how much wheelspin will you accumuate before you finally lock on the tires which shed's seconds of your acceleratrion time while i'm ahead already?
properly setup rwd owns fwd on the launch. Its that crazy weight transfer and psychics
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