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as some of you know..

I'm e-mailed Jay about the adapter test

I'm gonna send him a certain amount as a security deposit to try his adapter..

so i'll probably get the adpater in about a week or week and a half..

I have a beta ecm and i'm waiting for my paycheck to pay kdmguy..

another thing i wanted to ask is if some of you guy's could chip in for my test?

He want's a about $100 and i dont want to wait a whole week to gte ym if some of yuo..maybe 2 or 3..could paypal me some $25 each..

i could send the fund's to kdmguy in a matter of days instead of a week.

and here's what i'm gonna do..

if the adapter doe's work when i start the car and if i feel a power difference..ill leak the real ECM pinout's that we critically need to re-wire it ourselves and post it on the hybrid boards and ask the mod's to make it a sticky..

so basically..i'm posting a true step by step DIY LC beta accent beta ecu swap.

OR..if i get results after swapping the ecu,
you could help jay by buying the adpater from their website

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