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Hi guys,

Any help here would be very much appreciated. I know it has all been covered before, and I have searched and found some very conflicting info. I also thought some of it might be different due to the right hand drive thing here but I really have no idea.

I just have a few specific questions:

1) How much should I expect to pay for a Stock Standard Beta 2.0lt and all bits and pieces for the swap (i.e. I want a price for the whole lot, to take it somewhere and its ready to install).

2) How much for install and how long would it take (e.g. PSC doing it?) to get it all done?

3) What model should I get this engine from? I have heard Tib and Elantra and what year, etc.?

4) What is the go with Air Conditioning and Power Steering? How much extra can I expect to pay to keep both of those (For example how much would PSC charge Bretton?)?

5) Do I need to get a ECU Management system for the standard set-up for this swap? Will the ECU from the donor do to control this or are there settings which need to be adjusted on the Accent? My VERY LIMITED understanding would be that it should be running just like the donor but with a different body.

6) What needs to be custom made?

7) Are there any Swap Kits out yet and if so is that easier than sourcing from the donor? How much?

8) How reliable would this set-up be? What problems would I be looking at in the long run?

9) How much power would I be looking at at the wheels for this setup as aposed to the standard 1.5lt Alpha?

Thanks in advance for any help. I posted this here because Im looking for local knowledge on the subject and local prices.

It's just an idea at the moment but I need more power and I dont mind spending a bit of money on my car cause I plan to keep it after I get a new one anyhow.


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Hi if your seriously considering this transplant, either visit the PSC workshop or give them a call on 97291711. Thats the best way to find out questions that have so many variables and possible answers :D

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Hi Aaron

I will try to keep things short, but reasonably concise...

1) A stock Beta 2.0, complete with all sensors, ECU and wiring harness will set you back anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500 depending where you buy it, the number of km's and the year of manufacture. A Beta 1.8 will be $400-600 cheaper. For an XD Elantra engine, maybe $1, 000 more As for the other bits and pieces, there will be the new clutch, extractor/engine pipe mods, power steering and air con changes.

2) For a drive in, drive out conversion, allow $5,000 to $6,000 and 5-7 days to complete.

3) the newer, the better, as the KM will be lower. But for registration purposes, the engine will need to be from a car the same age or newer than your car is. This is to ensure that the engine complies with the emissions standard for your car's compliace date, as an older engine may not comply.

4) See point 2)

5) You will need to start off using the factory ECU for enginerrign/registration purposes. The other option is to get an aftermarket ECU fitted, and get it tuned and emsssions tested to certify that it complies to the emissions requirements.

6) A few mods to engine mounts, radiator hoses, splicing the original and Beta wiring looms together. Not a complete list, but a good idea.

7) No kits as yet, but maybe down the track. HVE did a few of the Beta transplants into SOHC and DOHC Excels, but none into Accents. Each Excel was slightly different due to the build date of the cars, and running changes are made during the life of a car model.

8) if done properly, will be very reliable as the engine will be pretty in-stressed in n/a form and in a car 10-15% lighter than the car it came from. The Beta gearbox may be able to be used in the Accent as the engine bay is a little larger than the Excels, which HVE had to retain the Excel's gearbox. The gearbox Excel/Accent will last a fair while anyway with the Beta engine if driven with a bit of sympathy, but if you start doign burn-outs and high-rpm launches at every chance, teh gearbox will fail pretty sooon. But then, even in a stock standard car the gearbox will die pretty soon if abused.

9) Power at the wheels depends on the dyno it is meaured on. But as a general rule of thumb, you will lose around 30% at the wheels.
1.5 SOHC Excel is 65-66 kw at flywheel
1.5 DOHC Excel is 74-75 kw at flywheel
1.5 DOHC Accent is 76 kw at flywheel
1.8 Beta I Coupe/Lantra is 92-94kw at flywheel
2.0 Beta I Coupe /Lantra is 102-103kw at flywheel
1.8 Beta II Elantra is 97-98kw at flywheel
2.0 Beta II VVT Elantra is 104kw at flywheel

10) As a rough guide, wiht 195/50/15 tyres and a good suspension setup..
1.5 SOHC Excel - 11 seconds 0-100, and 1/4 mile in 17.5 seconds at 125 km/h
1.5 DOHC Excel - 10 seconds 0-100, and 1/4 mile in 16.8 seconds at 130 km/h
2.0 Beta Excel - 7.5 seconds 0-100, and 1/4 mile in 15.5 seconds at 140 km/h

These are best guess figures from results seen in car magazines, G-Tech results and some trick software to cerify figures. They are assuming a good set of 195/50/15 tyres on 15" rims. I am sure a good driver can get faster times, but also an average driver can get worse times.

They are here for a guide only, so please don't take them as gospel as there are variables that will change these figures.



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Thanks Bretton.

I will give you a call when I get that exhaust and stuff today or tomorrow. I will probably call on wednesday.

Thanks for all the info. It sounds good in the figures though. I need a bit more power. I thought about turboing the Alpha but for the same price and higher reliablility I might as well go the BETA then have the chance of turbo on that later.

Thanks again, chat soon.

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