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To use the Accent harness with the Beta 2 engine and ECM you need to rearrange the pinout order at the ECM plug. I have figured out an easy way to get at these little wires, no more cutting and soldering (for the most part) wires that is extremely time consuming to do. Now you can free the wire, pin and all.

02 1.6L manual on the left, 00 1.5L manual harness on the right. Although very different on the engine bay side with wires taking different routes, all wires land in almost the same place with the same plug minus maf and map.

The AMP style ECM plug that many Hyundais used.

Slide this cover up on off, its on there tight.

Remove the 2 yellow clips on both sides of the plug, I used a small flat head screwdriver. Pin Outs/100_5276.jpg
This side is the small clip side only effecting the five larger pins, I have not yet figured out how to free those yet.

With the large clip out you can now free the bulk of the wires.

Look close, every other pin is numbered, to free the wire simply press the tab down, seen there on the right hand side of the plug, and pull the wire out.

Now you will need to re order the pins to mimic your ECM requirements. I have a few pin outs listed below to help, I will expand on this further at a later date.

Now for the Engine bay side, I am going to quote info from jsharptooth91 and his walkthrough. He swapped in a beta 2 (02 Elantra) and used his 1.6L harness (and ECM but that irrelevant) and this is what needed to be done on the engine bay side.
Beta wiring.

When you go to make your connections, make sure they are good connections. I solder them on and have shrink wrap over the connections. This makes for a good connection.

It’s not a whole bunch of wiring changes. We will be using the 1.6L DOHC ecu. It has the same sensors as the beta 2, except the crank sensor we already replaced. The ecu pin out is the same on the 1.5 as the 1.6 except the 1.5 has a MAF and the 1.6 has a MAP.
Here is a diagram of the two sensors.

If you look at the MAP sensor you will see it has numbers on the outer casing 1-4.
If you look at the MAF sensor you will see it also has numbers 1-5. You have to look down inside where it connects to the connector.
Now just match up the corresponding number to the diagram above, it’s that simple.
The connections below I had to relocate, either making the cables longer or shorter. When you go to plug them in or try to you will know if you will need to extend the cable or shorten it up.
• TPS sensor.
• Coolant temp. sensor.
• Wire for the oil pressure sender.
• O2 sensors. I did both. Depending on where your O2 bungs are located.

I think that its, I’m going off of memory, so if I forget something I’m sorry.

I used the Beta coil pack. They have different connectors than the Alpha. I don’t have color match ups, but it will work this way. Do one at a time. On the connector you have a big wire and small wire. They are the same on the Alpha (big & small). Cut of the connector leaving your self some extra wire to do the soldering. Now connect the harness big wire to the big wire on the (Beta) connector and the small wire to the small wire. That’s it! Make sure you do them one at a time, so you don’t get the firing order messed up.

Here are some abbreviations for the pinout breakdowns below
acs = accelerator sensor
ccv = canister close valve
cel = check engine light
cmp = camshaft position sensor
cps = crankshaft position sensor
cpv = canister purge valve
dlc = data link connector
dmtl= diagnosis module for tank leakage
ect = engine coolant temp sensor & sender
ftp = fuel tank pressure sensor
isa = idle speed actuator
kns = knock sensor
maf = mass air flow sensor
map = manifold absolute pressure sensor
tcm = transmission control module
tps = throttle position sensor

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LC/LC2 00-05 Accent 1.5L/1.6L Manual/Automatic

I compared the ECM wiring schematics from 3 different years, 2000-2002-2005 and 1.5L/1.6L together and for the most part every pin at the ECM is the same with LC2 using an extra wire at the #11 pin, . There is a differance in some of the wire colors on the LC2, the pinout below is the wire size and color code for 2000-02 LC Accents.

1) sensor heating 0.5G/B (dmtl)
2) ignition coil "1" control 1.25L (cyl "2"3")
3) ignition ground 2.0B
4) *
5) ignition coil "2" control 1.25Br (cyl "1"4")
6) injector 2 control 0.5B/O
7) injector 3 control 0.5Br
8) engine rpm signal 0.3Gr
9) tps signal 0.3P
10) torque reduction signal (Automatic Only) 0.3W/B (tcm)
11) fuel consumption/injection signal (LC2 Only) 0.5L
12) memory power/battery voltage supply 0.5O/B
13) on/start input 0.5O
14) engine control relay control 0.5Gr/O
15) ground "A" (cps)0.3Br
16) sensor signal 0.5G (tps)
17) sensor ground 0.5G (tps, dlc, acs)
18) sensor signal0.5G/B (O2 sensor up)
19) sensor signal 0.5O (knock sensor)
20) sensor ground 0.5L (knock sensor)
21) fuel gauge 0.3G/B
22) mil request line (Automatic Only) 0.3Y/B (tcm)
23) *
24) cooling signal input 0.3Y/B
25) solenoid control 0.5P/B (dmtl)
26) close 0.5Y (isa)
27) injector 1 control 0.5Br/B
28) sensor heating 0.5O (O2 sensor down)
29) open 0.5Br (idle speed acuator)
30) pump control 0.5Y/B (diagnosis module for tank leakage)
31) check engine indicator control 0.3W (cel)
32) sensor power 5v 0.5G/B (tps)(acs)
33) sensor power (maf) 0.5R/O & sensor power (map) 0.5L/O
34) sensor power "B" 0.3W (cps)
35) sensor ground 0.5B (O2 sensor down, engine coolant temp sensor & sender)
36) sensor ground 0.5B (O2 sensor up, maf, map)
37) (maf)afs signal 0.5L () (map) map signal 0.5L
38) *
39) sensor signal 0.3P (ect)
40) *
41) *
42) (maf)ats signal 0.5Y () (map)iat signal 0.5Y
43) *
44) battery voltage 0.5P/B
45) battery voltage 0.5P/B
46) pvc control 0.5L/O
47) injector 4 control 0.5B/O
48) sensor heating 0.5Gr/B (O2 sensor up)
49) "immo" indicator control 0.5 G/O (not used)
50) fan relay control high 0.3Y
51) ground 0.5B
52) signal "smatra" 0.5Br (not used)
53) ground 0.5B
54) *
55) sensor signal 0.5G/O (O2 sensor down)
56) *
57) a/c signal input 0.3P
58) *
59) vehicle speed signal 0.3L/B (tcm)
60) sensor signal 0.3G/O (accelerator sensor)
61) ground 0.5B
62) *
63) battery voltage 0.5P/B
64) *
65) *
66) *
67) *
68) fan relay control low 0.3Y/B
69) a/c relay control 0.5Br
70) feul pump control relay 0.5G/B
71) k-line 0.3R (tcm, dlc)
72) torque reduction request 0.3O (tcm)
73) (m/t) battery voltage 0.5P/B () (a/t) drive position switch "D"2"L" 0.3P/B
74) (m/t) battery voltage 0.5R () (a/t) drive position switch "R" 0.5R
75) a/c switch "on" input 0.5P
76) *
77) *
78) ground, MT/AT Encoding (Automatic Only) 0.5B
79) sensor signal 0.3W/B (cmp)
80) ground 0.3B
81) *

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01-02 Elantra ECM Pinout

1) ground 2.0B
2) ground 2.0B
3) battery voltage 2.0L
4) ignition coil 1 control 0.5G (cyl 1, 4)
5) ignition coil 2 control 0.5Y (cyl 2, 3)
6) low voltage tcm 0.3Br
7) high voltage tcm 0.3W
8) O2 sensor up heating 0.5P
9) O2 sensor down heating 0.5P
10) kns sensor signal 0.5Br
14) battery voltage 0.5W
17) wheel speed input 0.5O (right front wheel sensor w/out abs)
18) wheel speed input 0.5G (right front wheel sensor w/out abs)
21) battery voltage 0.5W
22) on/start input 0.5R
23) injector 4 control 0.5O
24) injector 1 control 0.5L
26) cpv control 0.5Y/O
27) cps ground 0.5L/B
29) cps signal 0.5G
30) cps & kns sensor ground 0.5Gr
31) ect input 0.5G/B
32) tps signal 0.5L/B
33) ftp signal 0.5G/O
34) ftp ground 0.5L/B
38) tps ground 0.5R/B
39) vehicle speed input 0.3Gr/O (with abs)
42) O2 sensor down signal 0.5G
43) O2 sensor up signal 0.5G
44) sensor power 5v 0.5R (map, ftp)
45) tps power 0.5L
47) immo signal 0.5L/B (not used in U.S. and not availible on 01 model)
48) map sensor ground 0.5G
50) a/c signal input 0.5Y
51) cooling signal input 0.5Br/O
55) ground 0.5B
56) iat signal 0.5Gr(map)
58) a/c switch "on" input 0.3Y/B
59) sensor ground 0.5B (O2 sensors and ect sensor)
60) map signal 0.5G
61) injector 3 control 0.5L/B
62) injector 2 control 0.5R/B
64) fan relay control high 0.5Gr
65) fan relay control low 0.5Y/O
66) engine rpm signal 0.5L (cluster)
67) engine control relay control 0.5O
68) a/c relay control 0.5O
69) fuel pump relay control 0.5R/B
70) mil indicator control 0.3Br/O (cel)
71) immo ground 0.5B (not used in U.S. and not availible on 01 model)
72) cps sensor signal 0.5R/B
75) consumption 0.5L/O (micro controller in cluster)
77) k-line 0.5G/B (dlc, tcm)
78) isa opening 0.5Gr
79) ccv control 0.5L/B
80) isa closing 0.5G

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Reserved for Tiburon pinout

66 Posts
RD Tiburons (1997-2001)
X3 Accents (1997-1999)

(warning... wire colors may not be the same, the colors shown below are from a 2001 Tib)


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2007 MC Accent 1.6L Manual
This will be expanded at some point to include all MC's

1) ignition coil #1 0.75B
2) ground 2.5B
3) ignition coil #3 0.75L
4) *
5) *
6) on input, main relay 1.25Gr
7) ignition coil #4 0.75R
8) input a/c pressure switch 0.5 Y/B
9) *
10) Switch signal power steering 0.5L/O
11) Knock Sensor ground "A" 0.5Br
12) TPS ground 0.5L
13) *
14) *
15) map sensor ground 0.5L
16) 02 sensor ground (downstream) 0.5P
17) cps ground 0.5B
18) *
19) map sensor 0.5P
20) *
21) *
22) main relay control 0.5L/R
23) fan relay control "high" 0.5Gr/B
24) injector #3 control 0.5W
25) isa closing 0.5Gr
26) *
27) *
28) fan relay control "low' 0.5Br/B
29) ignition coil #2 0.75W
30) a/c on signal 0.5g
31) head lamp switch 0.5B/O
32) knock sensor signal "B" 0.5Y
33) a/c pressure sensor ground 0.5O
34) ftp ground 0.5L/O
35) ect sensor ground 0.5G
36) 02 sensor signal (downstream) 0.5B
37) *
38) 02 sensor ground (upstream) 0.5L
39) tps sensor signal 0.5Y
40) a/c pressure sensor signal 0.5Br
41) *
42) *
43) map iats .05G
44) *
45) a/c relay control 0.5L
46) fuel pump relay control .05L/O
47) injector #2 control 0.5L
48) *
49) ccv output 0.5G/O
50) ftp sensor signal 0.5R/B
51) ground 1.25B
52) *
53) *
54) 02 sensor signal (upstream) 0.5B
55) *
56) *
57) *
58) wheel speed input "A" 0.5B
59) a/c pressure power 0.5 G/B
60) tps power 0.5G
61) *
62) Can-Low (dlc) 0.3L
63) cam position sensor signal 0.5L
64) speed signal (abs control module) 0.5Br
65) *
66) defogger relay on signal 0.5P/B
67) tach signal output 0.5G
68) injector #4 control 0.5Gr
69) control, purge control solenoid valve 0.5Y
70) cel output 0.5G/B
71) 02 sensor heating (downstream) 0.75Y
72) 02 sensor heating (upstream) 0.75R
73) ground 1.25B
74) *
75) *
76) fuel level input 0.5Y
77) ect sensor signal 0.5P
78) *
79) wheel speed input "B" 0.5Y
80) ftps power 0.5Br/O
81) map sensor power 5v 0.5O
82) battery voltage 0.5R
83) on/start input 0.5P
84) can-hi (dlc) 0.3R
85) *
86) cps "B" 0.5W
87) cps "A" 0.5Br
88) current consumption signal output 0.5Gr
89) *
90) isa opening 0.5P
91) injector #1 control 0.5G
92) cvvt oil control valve 0.5P
93) *
94) fuel cap open light 0.5R

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Sticky this!!!!

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btw, that ECU pinout for the RD Tiburons are the same as the X3 Accents (1997-1999) as well

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Good to hear^^^ thats less work. Can I get my beta swap walkthrough resticked as well please!!!!

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They should really sticky this and the Beta swap walkthrough.

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The picture pinout is good for 04 LC2s as well right? I see the numbers but not sure where the number start.

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If anybody can help, I'm workin on a beta swap in my 97 accent, everything is done and in but the car won't start. Double checked my wiring, tried the accent ecm, 99 tib ecm, and 99 elantra ecm, none of them are working, tried to start twice. The engine is from a 99 elantra. Fuel pump isn't turning on on its own, but i turned it on manually and the car still won't start. Has anybody had this problem?

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are you getting a spark and are any of year position sensors failing to send or receive signals?

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Got Spark, haven't checked the sensors. Using the crank sensor from the accent. Replaced the mass air flow sensor, don't know about the cam sensor, tried usin my accent cam sensor... that didn't work.Turned the fuel pump on using the check connecter, tried to start the car, didn't start even though the rail had pressure. Same problem i had before i got the 99 elantra computer, thought maybe the computer was bad. When i hook up the original computer the MFI relay vibrates and buzzes pretty loud. Any reason that relay would do this??

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I haven't had any luck with the wiring at all (i'm no electrician) so i'm just waiting for the stock wiring harness to come in. check the cam sensor, knock sensor also i believe....

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Yeah that picture of the eu pinout the same for LC2 Accents as well?
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