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Hey Accent owners!

My name is Heath and I am going to start helping my brother swap in a beta into his 2001 accent G 5-speed. I havesome questions that may have been answered, but they seem to be really scattered when I tried to search. I just have some basic questions that I would like some info. on. I know the GK tibs in and out, the accents are new to me.

1)For a 2001 G 5 speed, what type of beta is the best. Beta 2, 2.0...year specific?

2)Is the swap a straight mount up, or does any fabbing need to be done?(I think I saw a no?)

3)Do all betas bolt directly up to the accents trans? And does any modding need to be done to the trans?

4) Is there ANY way to work off the accents ECU. like using a AFC with it, or do I need to have a beta ECU for this swap.

5) What if any modding needs to be done to suspension and axles?

Thanks guys SO much in adavnce for the help. If there is a DIY on this specific swap, a link would be great!
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