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beta swap update

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well I got my engine in and have just about finished making my custom front motor mount plate. I will take pictures of all of the custom plates and custom things I have to do so that I can post for others. I will keep everyone updated
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Thats great news. Have to post those pics.:)

Welcome to the beta swap family.
How did your auto to manual swap go?

I know we started about the same time(lol), but I am way behind you(understatment).
well I am in the process of doing that right now too lol I just decided to do it all at once. I got a bug up my but to do it when a guy I kinda know he is a prick but he has a honda civic SI a newer one 05 and he wanted to race me in my 94 scoupe and I said now how it that a fair race I have 90 horse to your 210 so I told him I would race him in my 93 when I get it swaped and I am going to try to bump the hore on the 2.0 to about 200 from 140 and then smoke the **** out of him so he will shut up. but I will take pictures when I pull the engine back out of what I doing to convert it to a manual and I will take pictures of what I am doing to put a beta in it. and I will wright up descriptions with the pictures too
I have all of my mounts made and I am just have to punch a hold in the firewall for the clutch master cylinder and put in the pedels and shifter. I am also waiting for my computer and harness so I can wire it up before I put the engine back in. pictures will be comming soon
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