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Beta swap - with a semi-new engine?

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I found this website that covers shipping with any engine purchase. They have a lot of Mitsu engines listed. I have been thinking very strong lately about doing a beta swap vs a new car. But I would want something with a warranty. 8D

But there are several 4g63 engines to choose from. I wasn't sure on which one to look at. You guys got any ideas? :??:

Helps if i post the website.....DUH!

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A Beta isn't the same as a 4g63. Not to make the assumption that you didn't already know that, I'm just stating it in case you or others don't know or get the impression from the thread. I don't want to offend anyone again. If you want to swap a 4g63 into your Accent, it's pretty much up to you. Not too many at all have been done state side. I'd love to help you further, I jsut don't have any knowledge of this swap. Maybe there's someone that does, try your luck with the search feature. Happy hunting!
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