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Hi all,
I know we’ve seen thousands of these Beta swap posts. Sorry to ring it up again. But I want to gather all the information I can and get things answered about what I’ve read/seen. So my biggest concern with this is the drivers side mount. What have people done/easiest thing to do? I will be using a 97-99/00 model as the base.

I have heard you CAN use the Beta I gearbox, and equip 2000 model LC Accent axles in. When I do go ahead with this set up, I do plan to use the Lantra brakes. What gear will I need (note, I do plan to put this on the street). I know I’ll need 14” wheels with the Lantra brakes.

Now, I have seen that certain Lantra and Excel ECU’s will swap straight over (no need to mess with wiring too much(?)). Does anyone know what the go is?

Any help would really be appreciated.

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