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OK all here is the deal. Last night I kinda start on trying to take off the head and port and polish it on my 01 SOHC. It ended up with the whole wiring harness disconnected, radiator torn out, exaust manifold taken off, and many other. The only thing conected to my motor right now are the mounts. I am planning on getting a Beta motor next weekend and I would like to put it in. Of course after some porting of the head and other work.

My mother has an elantra and I have checked out all the wires and what they go to. The only ones I notice are difffrent are the coil wires and on the back of the intake there is a little box that is controlled by probably the ECu that seems to allow warm air into the intake from the breather on the valve cover.

If anyone has anymore info about piggy backing the ecu and what you have to tap out of the tibby ecu please reply. I need all the help I can get here. This is the first swap i have ever done. Yes we are talking EVER. But it is going along just fine.

It is so damn easy to disconnect everything and get down to the empty block to get it ready for removal. I had everything off the engine bay but the engine in about an hour and a half.
I really need all the info I can get on the wiring side of things. I am trying to do all my homework before the beta even touches my engine stand.

Thanks for your time, and happy tuning

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