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FS: Beta swapped LC accent kit/ goodies

Hey everybody!
So here's the lowdown. I have a running, driving, Beta-swapped LC accent. (details following)
I seem to have developed the horsepower/speed addiction and though its a great little go-cart, I've got my sights set on 8 cylinders. (DOHC Ford modular 4.6L)
What I'm thinking is i'd like to gut the beta drive train and keep the shell for a nasty, rear-drive v-8 swap. I know, I'm a crazy person.
Anybody interested in a Beta-swap kit? like a package deal maybe? Everything you need to convert your 1.6 auto, because that's what i did.
I did all the work on this swap myself, including pulling a lot of the parts and all of the wiring.
here's the stats of the swap:

-The car ran 15.97 at the local drag strip at the top of third gear. I think it was 87mph with the interior gutted (I will likely reinstall)
-Beta 2 out of an 04 Elantra (mileage uncertain, 120k-ish id guess. pulled from a car with mild front end damage. compression and head gasket are great)
-5 speed beta transmission, also out of an Elantra (mileage uncertain. not sure the year)
-modified front/rear motor mounts, retaining the factory rubber bushings for comfort
-custom fabricated engine and transmission mounts out of roughly 1/4" steel, retaining the factory rubber bushings for comfort
-New timing belt
-new thermostat
-heat wrapped 4-2-1 stainless header
-new 1.6 auto radiator with trans cooler lines (bigger core)
-working AC
-power steering delete
-new ish clutch, bearing, and pressure plate (less than 2000 miles)
-elantra 5 speed shifter (with custom real leather boot, fits the 1.6 auto center counsel)
-New CV axles, one 1.6 auto accent, one elantra to accommodate the wider engine/transmission.
-New water pump
-New starter
-NGK platinum spark plugs, less than 2000 miles
-new wide band O2 sensor
-custom full length exhaust. stainless connector pipe off header with flex section. 2 1/4" all the way back in 3 sections with welded in flanges for easy disassembly, retaining the factory rubber mounts. 2 1/4 universal catalytic converter slightly downstream of stock, before the resonator. 2 1/4" x 24" thrush glass pack in place of the stock resonator, 2 1/4" thrush chambered muffler in the back replacing the stock muffler. overall volume is louder than stock, but not too much

-Engine is run by a stock Elantra manual ECU. i wanted this to be as plug and play as possible.
-Beta 2 engine loom
-LC accent looms everywhere else, modified only as needed to get it running.
-All stock gauges work with only a slight speedometer inaccuracy (reads 3% higher than actual) for the smaller tires compared to the factory elantra.
-I have dealership electrical troubleshooting manuals for the Accent and Elantra as well because info online wasn't nearly as thorough as I needed to do it the way I chose.

Id like to get $1000 for the whole works. certainly worth it for all my hard work but I can budge a little. I'm in Chicago, IL near Midway airport if anyone wants to come test drive it and see for themselves.
message me on facebook or text if you prefer (708) 545-5242
I dont have many pics of it finished, but ill comment them in the AM after work
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