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Beta update

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Well I ginaly put on my AirRam I.M. and 65mm Throttle body and I have to say I like it. Some people make it sound like theres no good that can come from an n/a with it but I personaly like it. As soon as I send out a piston sample, I will get my 12.5:1 pistons in return. Then its game time!!!
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keep up the good work and keep us posted
Awesome! Where did u get your airram and bbtb?
Kspec.but my fuel rail doesnt fit so im using a bottle to wedge it in place. I feel a difference around 4500rpm but I havent learned to drive the car yet. I still have to retune it.
Today I installed a fluidyne radiator from a 92 Honda civic. Its shorter then the factory one the X3 comes with but its alot thicker. It looks like I can fit a whole other engine in there. I also have a slimfan im about to put in on friday Ill have pictures up soon.
I had to put a resonater on my car cause I was driving in it all day and that straight pipe was killing my ears
whan r you getting your pistions??
Somtime in late July early August. Hopefully the Hurricane season wont delay anything. 12.5:1 compression. Now im having a motor mount problem.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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