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I looked around and couldn't find any problems similar to this. . . so here we go-

Yesterday my car wouldn't start, the engine wasn't turning, so I assumed I had left my lights on. I jumped it, it started, if only that was that.

I drove around for about 25 minutes to charge my battery, and parked at my friends house. When I left, lo! my car was again not turning, another jump and 20 minute drive and I went home, and to check if my battery was losing charge gradually, I tried to start it right after turning it off, and nothing.

So, my brilliant logic deduced my battery had croaked, it being a piece of junk the dealer threw in when I asked him to put it in securely. I visit napa, new battery, bolted it in (drum roll) nothing, car still barely making any starting noise.

Any ideas what it could be?

I'm pretty sure its not the alternator, because I drove around for a good hour without noticing any battery drain, the dash lights didn't really dim, the stereo stayed loud.

It's not the battery, obviously.

I doubt it's the starter, because then it wouldn't start even with a jump, right?

I'm more or less dumbfounded and out of ideas. The alternator belt is tight, and there are no warning lights on the dash.

Also, when I do jump it, it doesn't just start, it turns slowly, and I have to give it a bit of gas before the engine starts, before it always just started

Any ideas would be appreciated, I want to see if its something I can do before I take it to a mechanic, since x-mas is close and hate to unnecessarily part with my money
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