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Body Vibration and Steering Wheel Shake

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I noticed about a year ago that the bushing on the rear control arms where starting to go (I would get a body noise whenever I hit a bump).
About 4-6 months, I replaced tires and had some body vibration at about 50 and some steering wheel shake 70-80.
Went the dealership yesterday and had the tires balanced properly, and now I can't go over 65 without a lot of steering wheel shake, body vibration and the control arms in the rear rattling all the time.

I'm going to replace the control arms tonight, could that be the only source of the problem? Should I be looking at anything else? HMA wasn't very specific on the trouble shooting.

I just jacked each one of tires and there is no play in them at all. I'm assuming I can eliminate the bearings as a cause?
My neighbor who works at a Ford dealership suggested that it still might be the tires. If the dealership rebalanced/rotated them, he thinks it might be a slipped belt.

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Did you have the car aligned though? A bump, or something else could have jimmied something out of whack that could be fixed with shims or readjustment. I just had one done on my car and some vibration I had at 80 is gone.
I think I figured it out... those dolts at Sears broke a lug couple of years ago on the front tire. They replaced it, but the nut isn't stock to my car. The dealership didn't tighten it all the way because it cross threaded. I tighted it down properly and shaking is gone in the steering wheel.

I jacked the rear of the car and spun the tires. I noticed a little bit of "jump" in the rubber, so I grabbed the laser level to see if I could see it better. Both rear tires seem to have a bump in them (left side is worse than the right side), so I'll be replacing the rear tires during lunch tomorrow. Wouldn't the dealership been unable to balance them if I can see it's out of round turning the tires by hand?

I also wouldn't expect a tire defect within a year from Dunlops, even if they are "econotires"... I should've kept track of the GD receipt.

I would still be interested in hearing opinions just in case I'm missing anything.


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The lumps could be it otherwise I would start with one more balance unless you are 100% sure they are right you watched them do it, and an alignment.
I got it figured out... With a set of new tires, all issues are gone.

Tires were way off because the suspension is out of alignment. I didn't do anything with it last year, because I had planned on getting another car. However, I'm decided to keep the LC for another year.

I will be having the front shocks replaced, rear control arm bushings replaced, rear brakes replaced with an alignment.
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