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2000 model Hyundai Lantra GLS 2.0 (G4GF) factory 5 speed manual. Fully optioned. Most things work...
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I use non caustic oven cleaner. I discovered it completely by accident but it is pretty effective for removing brake pad dust and road grime/ozone browning. Take each wheel off individually and spray the whole wheel, then break up the build up with a paint brush and pressure wash it of before using a bucket of warm car wash detergent for a final clean. If they are feeling gritty I'll go over them with a polymer rubbing block and then use a tub of cheap wax to buff them up. I find the oven cleaner does a good job of cleaning the tyre walls ready for silicone spray/tyre shine treatment. The oven cleaner isn't harsh enough to damage the wheel finish straight away, but I only do one wheel at a time to limit how long the stuff is sitting on the rims and tyres. The non caustic oven cleaner also makes for an awesome engine degreaser. Safe enough to clean your hands with too.
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