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Brake noise & thud after brake fluid change - Help! '03 Accent

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Hello, I'm new to the forums so please bear with me. I'll try to be brief but still give as much info as possible.

Here's the problem: I'm getting a thud/clicking noise both when I press, and when I release, the brake pedal, but only when the car is in PARK.

I can actually _feel_ the thud in the gear shifter (automatic). It feels like its coming from something directly below the shifter.

Ok, here's the background:

After successfully changing the brake fluid in my BMW with ATE Super Blue I decided to also put it into my girlfriend's '03 ACCENT.

I used a Mightvac vacuum pump to suck out the old and fill in the new. I followed both the directions with the pump and the directions found on the Net for BMW's. I began with the passenger-rear wheel and had no difficulties.

I drove the car the same day but didn't notice any thud or click, but it began the next day.

The ATE fluid is much thinner than DOT 3 or 4. Could it be the proportioning valve, or, heaven forbid, the brake booster?

Any questions/suggestions are appreciated!

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The booster just works off vaccum to help apply force to the master cyl. No fluid goes in it so I dont think it would be messed up. Now the master cyl itself.. maybe. Why did you go with that fluid?
My 2000 Accent Uses Dot 3. Y did you use ATE?
Good news! After driving the car again the noise has stopped. Hopefully there won't be any long term effects.

To answer the question why I used ATE Super Blue, it has a higher dry and wet boiling point. So even if moisture gets into it it won't boil until something like 300 degrees.

It's higher than even DOT 4 and they claim it absorbs water more slowly and doesn't have to be changed as frequently.

I noticed it's a lot thinner than DOT 3 - not sure if that helps. But I do notice that the pedal feels a little "firmer".

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