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Hey all,
Normally I think these thinks are gay on most cars, but I recently saw a Canadian 2001 Elantra "VE" near my house. It was pewter, same color as mine, and had a BUG DEFLECTOR on the front! I have to say that it was actually cool, low profile, and conforming to the body lines at the front of the hood<img src=/images/forums/snitz/cool.gif width=15 height=15 border=0> All I know is, gotta get me one!

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2001 Elantra GLS
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Hey Ralph, I know of one company that makes one. Its called "perfect fit" Its a carbon fiber colored plastic piece that attaches to the front of your hood and goes along the contour of the headlight and grille shape. Looks pretty cool. Go into my profile to see a picture of mine. Kind of hard to see with my car being black, it blends in, but look closely, and you will see it. BTW, for any of you who are curious, my lights are really SUPER WHITE not YELLOW like in the picture. (some reason, camera makes them look yellow).

Check the following sites: Order factory direct Canadian dealership that has online store. Very good customer service.

It will run you about $60 including shipping in US dollars. I highly recommend it. Its not even a stick on. Comes with rubber dots that it leans against and screws into the bottom of the hood. Nice flexible plastic. Don't get the rubber face mask. Water builds up under them.

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