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Burnt a Neon

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Hey all Im new here. All I have is a stock 2000 Accent...anyways heres my story...took a HOT girl out one night to the done and I was taking her back home and on the way I pull up to a stoplight, next to me was a 1998(guessing, it wasnt a 99 or +) so hes looking at the light HARD and Im like he wants to go, of course shes like no dont blah blah the light turns green and we take off, from the sound he had an auto, but in first I had him by a little bit but when I got to second I took off leaving him behind me went into third and started to slow down(too many cops in this neighborhood just what I need a 60 in a 25 or something) it wasnt a long or fast race but still I won and Im proud of it! Also raced my friends tib and beat him but he sucks at driving AHHAHAHA....more stories to come...putting on a CAI this week so Ill be looking for some races!

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Welcome to the site~!

It is possible.
BTW- Remember the whole thing about not dissing people because of things like this <b>in here</b>??? I am not going to tolerate this type of thing in here.

Just because you have a different opinion about it, doesn't mean you have to put down his wins. You weren't there.

If he was claiming to have raced a Viper, then you can denounce it, Because that is totally un-realistic.

Just congratulate and if you have doubts, ask him personally by emailing him or something. Or asking in a nicer way at least.
That wasn't the best way to welcome him to our site.
Just a little friendly advice.<img src=icon_smile_wink.gif border=0 align=middle>

<img src="" border=0>
I Race Hard, Live Fast, Yet Still Maintain My Sweet Innocence. I'll Be A Girl Racer Forever!!!
Luv, IR2
**P.S. IR2 Doesn't really Love you...So stop dreaming Brendan.**
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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