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Here's my crappy little runabout:

:lol: I think it's got about 40hp. Got it for what, $240 USD? It's survived 8 months of abuse so far, including a bit of off-roading and dirt trails. Features? What features, it doesn't have power steering OR A/C. And it's got this wierd as stereo from 1982! AND ITS STILL WORKING! :lol: I'm not gonna spend a cent more on it other than for gas, plugs and oil. But I might change the clutch and flywheel out because I think there's nothing left between the plate and the flywheel; Ive been driving it around without the clutch. Leaf springs for suspension and DEAD dampers, tyres that are like 1500 years old, and the best part is, besides the obviously fecked hood and nose[I hit a little shrub while checking out a dirt road whose trunk wasn't so little and kept on going LOL, went at it with a hammer, mallet and a heat gun for the plastic] the rest of its pretty much rust free. Best part is, it's managd to rake up quite a kill list too[just in the twisties, no way it's gonna do anything other than explode on the straights!]

Also got another one of the shovel-nosed monster, we've cleared the 520hp mark with it, and managed to get it to respond a lot better:

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Just wait till I get the fartcan on.:evil::lol: I'm lookig for a Milo tin that's big enough; already got a tip[it fell off of someones car near my place and rolled to the side of the road where I picked it up]:D

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You modded the seats. That's another 2-3 hp right there.;):
AND it's also got an embossed TYPE-R sticker! :evil: Look carefully on the right hand rear. A buddy of mine was clearing out his house and we found it, so he gave it to me. Literally FREE HP!:lol:

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I havent seen a civic like that in years:smoking:
Those all rusted away here.
Don't tell Jed, but I'm 99% sure that is carburated.

On a side note, early Honda related, my dad bought the first Honda Accord in the US that wasn't gold or silver. It was blue. Had like 50 hp and they would tow a pop-up camper all over the country with it.
Yup it IS carby-fed, and he does know about it. Takes a while to warm up, and it is a lot of fun to drive since it's more difficult to hurt yurself with it[it doesn't get the tail out very far, even on dirt] 40hp isn't bad for putting around the city and the 'burbs.
My civic is 1 year older than that and still runs fine! Those cars are immortal..
Hah that's in AWESOME shape... there's one near my parent's place on 16 inch rims. It's been parked for over a year now on 2 flats.

I'd pick it up but it's rusting bad in some spots. Those are awesome civics tho... I saw one of those (a purple one) with a GSR motor in it. Crazy ****.

Does it also have manual choke?
Jed118 said:
Does it also have manual choke?
Hell yeah! The cable needs some love though, and I'm prolly gonna refinish the body during the holidays. I'm thinking going for either Honda's championship white or silver over a pearl black base. Spraycan of course, a proper paint job would be worth twice what the car is.:p
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