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Hi All
I was having an intermittent starting problem with my 2006 CDX CRTD 2.0 Santa Fe,so I thought I'd have a go of the usual suspects and started with the Cam & Crank shaft Sensors.
Fitted the Crankshaft Sensor which seemed to make the engine sound as if it was idling smoother,however after fitting the Camshaft Sensor part number 39300-27000 the engine would turn over but wouldn't fire a replacement from the same supplier and it still wouldn't start.
I bought another sensor ( Same Part Number ) from a different supplier fitted it and again still not starting,however after each non start I put the old sensor back in and the engine started every time.
I have taken the motor out for a few trial runs and so far its started every time whether from hot or cold will keep going for a few more trial runs just to see.
As for the 3 Brand New Camshaft Sensors Anyone have any ideas????
With Thanks
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