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can anyone recommend some bolt ons for an x3 ?

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Guys, Im doing a major overhaul in a few weeks and I was thinking about adding a few bolt ons to add a few ponies, but I dont really know where to start. I saw the thread related to CAIs earlier, but from what I understand those CAIs are only LC compatible, any options for an X3 besides the Cosmo racing CAI ?
Also any exhaust recommendations ? or perhaps something else ?

The car is an 1998 Accent L with a 5sp, currently has no mods

Thank you in advance,

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i have a 98 accent gsi. my only performance mod is a cone.. apperently short ram works better on the accents. anything to get more air into the chamber will add power.
I have a '96 Accent GT, and am ordering a short ram this week, it does work better on manual transmission accents, cold air is better for auto tranny. Also for some other bolt on stuff, Id go with a new turbo exhaust with a 2" inlet, Im ordering one of those next week also, from Canadian Tire. Other things you can do, is basically have fun with it, do sum work to the interior, paint it or recover it using vynal, etc. Check out the DIY (do it yourself) section in the accent thread. Have fun with her man, post sum pics of what your ride after shes done.:)
Thanks guys, btw anyone know of a place to buy this stuff at a good price ? Im a bit on a budget

Thanks again,
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