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Canadain Res

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I looked up the how to thing on here and seen someone using Gutter Buddy Guard mesh. I thought the idea was great so I went to Walmart, Zellers, Rona and other places with no avail and found no roll of this aluminum Mesh. Well Honestly the price of the stuff at Canadian Tire was insane. 40 bucks for a little sheet of this stuff wasn't going to happen.

My answere came when I decided to look at home depot. Well in the back section under some plastic sheets I found a 4 feet by 6 feet sheet of aluminum Mesh for the sum price of 5 Dollars. So if your a Canadian Res.. Check Home Depot. Found some interesting things there but that was by far the best deal since it looks almost like the stuff at Canadain Tire.
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Oh yeah you probably went to the performance isles and looked at the sheet for body kit replacement mesh. No one should EVER buy that. Total waste.

Sounds like you got a ok deal. I like the gutter mesh from Can tire that's in the air duct isle as you get 4 sheets of 12" X 36" for $12. Pretty much the right size for my aplication, not sure about X3's.

Now what are you going to do with all the extra?
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