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Can't exceed 7-8psi why?

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My car cuts out when it hits approx 7psi of boost. My bov is closed at idle so I'm ok, my piping is correct without any leaks and everything is going well. I saw somewhere here that it maybe the spark plugs but I would like some opinions. I sometime manage to boost 7-8 and sometimes not.. why? oh.. and my car is maf. I'm using beta injectors only with stock 1.5maf.

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fuel or plugs.

don't think the 1.5l 2" MAF can support more boost than that. BETA 2.5" maf was being maxed out at 8-12psi (voltage wise, anyway). also, with a restrictive exhaust, i could disconnect my MBC and wastegate vacuum line and the car would run 10psi solid, no more though. think the exhaust was limiting.
Well it seems like the rpm limiter but it's coming when the boost rises. My exhaust is ok as it is all custom made. I'm suspecting the mbc (it's modified by me :( and maybe it leaks) But also I'm suspecting the plugs. Any ideas?
Plugs. If your still running the stock gap the boost is blowing the spark out..... Autolite copper core part #3923 (one stage colder) gapped at .28.
Yeah.. I'll try to order some. Has the autolite website online store?
dont know about their website. You can get them at any autostore. Walmart even sells them for like $2 for two....
Ok.. I just ordered a set of 3923 from Car Shop Inc. 4-5 working days they said.. let's see. You have them in your car right? Any differences? For how much miles are they good?
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