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Car is 4 months old...have a few probls!!!

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Ok first off...I'm starting to lose faith in my purchase. Dont get me wrong I love my 2001 tibby (auto), I just like the style...but I was wondering if anyone elses does this:
I bought it back in july and havent had problems with it, but since its been gettin cold here in PA, i notice when I hit the gas it wants to hesistate to shift to second...It stays in first way longer and shifts weird when its around 30's- 40's out. Just wondering if this was common. Another thing..when my wind shield wipers r on delay, when the wipe, some times i hear a chime...What the hell is that...I'm losing my mind...Just curious if anyone out there heard of these probls. Oh and another thing, my girlfriends sis bought a 2001 elantra in the summer and here tranny already went on it...what is going on jesus????????/<img src=/images/forums/snitz/oogle.gif width=15 height=15 border=0>

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From what I was told about the trannies shifting hard and staying in gear longer in cold wheather was this. They said it's b/c the transmission fluid is cold so it's thicker and that is why it shifts hard or holds the gear longer. But if you let it warm up a little longer it should be fine.

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