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Car shakes with aftermarket wheels

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I just recently purchased some 17 wheels with 215/40/17 rubber with 40mm offset,and the car shakes at higher speeds. Around town speeds its fine but at freeway speeds it shakes and gets worse with speed.

The wheel and tire pkg I bought were on display for a couple of months I think, would this cause the shakes? The tires were balanced before they were put on and rebalanced after 20 or 30km. The shakes were less after the second balancing. Also the seller only balanced the fronts the second time around, I think I'm going to insist on them balancing them on all 4's when I take it in for a 3rd balancing.

The tech at the shop was told be they were expecting me to come back, and that larger wheels are harder to balance initilly and need balancing more often. Is this a lie or is this common with larger diameter wheels? If rebalancing doesn't fix it what else could be wrong

My ride is a 2005 Elantra SE with just over 104XXkm on it just about a year old.
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Their only hard to balance if your shop is incompetant. Really large wheels like 22" and such are harder to balance but 17s not at all...
Two things:

You may need hubcentric rings if the hub size on the wheels is larger than the hub size of the car.

You may need to remove the two small set screws in the rotors that will allow the wheels to sit flush.

Have fun!
The wheels are a multi-fit type that are for 4X100 or 4X114.3, they have like 10 holes on each wheel. Are multi fit wheels bad to get?
CB is right. Try these and it'll fix
Could it be my alignment is out, and the fact the tires are 2xm wider than stock, making any sort of misalignment worse. I'm sure I've hot some potholes in the year I've had the car.
I'm having the same situation with my 2002 and Nippon GT3 rim. I have the hubcentric rings (outer:67mm/inner 54.1) and the screws were removed and my brakes and rotors were replaced no more than 6 months ago. Under 45mph I'm fine it shimmys a tad but as I go up to 45 or above it gets worse. Could it just be a wheel alignment is needed and with the larger wheels the more intense it feels?
Eh. I'd say go with the advice and do all of the above. Get the rings, and get an alignment done, and make sure everything in your suspension is tight.

Alignments in general are good to have done every once in a while regardless...I didn't bother, and now my tires are utterly worn down on the outside edge while the insides are just fine...and the back wheels have a totaly weird wear pattern also. Alignments are your friend!
C B said:
this be correct! get the rings and the problem should be solved.
Had same problem untill i got dem HUBCENTRIC RINGS.. i had 2 wheel balance before i went to this place with the Hunter machine.. ..
Aftermarket rims can be a real pain in the a$$, especially for someone who is fussy. There is never any guarantee that the offset of the new rims will match what the car was designed to have, and depending on the tire you use, you will run the risk of shimmy that balancing wont remedy. The alignment suggestion is the best thing Ive read, and the centering rings can be helpful, altho utlimately the lug nuts center the wheel. The fact that they are 10 holes doesnt matter. My family owns 3 tire stores and we deal with this type of stuff all the time. I recently had a SAAB that I put Borbets on, and it shook like hell with Michelin pilots. When I changed them to Michelin MXV4s, it was like a new car, perfect tracking, and NO shimmy. But then they cost nearly 110.00 each. Good luck dude.
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