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Car Stalling After 30 Minutes Of Normal Driving., Coils, Fuel Pump and Plugs&Wires Ch

Hey guys,
I finally managed to get my car back to normal.
As some of you will know i went through hell when i did the ported head(Spare top) and 1.8 Intake camshaft Modification.
So I got fed up and put my old head on back on and away with the ported one.

Apparently the ported head was not getting oil pressure to the valves that work in piston chamber 2&3.
So my new cams got screwed..
Anyone know why this can happen?

So i got my car back and it drives good with the old stuff like it did before.
Only 1 thing. After i drive it for 30-40 mins normally in traffic then all of a sudden something happens.
The car hesitates to be in the low RPM area. So from stop to go it is difficult. When the RPM increases it is better.
Sounds like a subaru even at WOT at low speed and high gears(Therefore at low RPM's)... And the power is gone.
Once i was on the Highway and on a downhill so i let the car roll on neutral. Then the Car switched off.. I was like WTF!!!
I think if i keep driving it gets worse and probably will die completely.
And when this happens i smell fuel in the car coming from outside.

So the Fuel is not burning properly?
So i changed the plugs, wires, coils, fuel pump...
The problem is still there...
I think it might be the IAC?
My car is Map based so maybe the Map Sensor?

Thanks For reading!
Waiting advice..
In the meanwhile searching
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