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Car update

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Man nothing feels better than driving around in a awesome looking clean car :)

I did afew things today(day off).

1. Removed my windshield driver side blade. This counts as a <b>Free Mod for your Car</b>. What you do is remove the driver side arm and blade. Put the driver side blade on the passenger arm. Turn you car to the "On" point where you can use your windshield wiper blades. When your passenger blad hits as far as it will go turn off your car. The blade will sit there. Now loosen the bold holding the passenger arm and rotate it as far to the driver side of your car as it will go without hitting the plastic vents next to the arm/bolt. Tighten your bolt down and turn the car back to on. Turn on your wiper blades and test them at all speeds, make sure the arm dosent hit the plastic vents. Your all set :)

Another <b>Free mod for your Car</b>. Got finger nails? I am sure you do <img src=icon_smile.gif border=0 align=middle> use them on the stickers on the back of your car. Hyundai / Accent, remove them as well as any stupid dealership decals they may of put on your car. Improves the appearance emensly :)

I noticed to my disappointment that I can't remove the orange piece from my turn signals. Its molded in. Guess I will have to spend money on this mod.

Hey does anyone know how to get the glove off the stick shift? I can bend the centers in but the corners won't budge, am I going to have to remove the entire bottom console to do this?


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when i looked at the lights on the backend of accent 2k1 model, it looked like the rear orage covers sould come off and were not molded.

Can someone give me some feedback on this?

Gotta pick it up and go.....
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The reflectors are pinned in on the US spec 2001 Accent GS. I don't think there is a way to un-pin them without taking apart the headlight assembly. Since I couldn't figure out how to do that, I ended up cracking the reflectors into little pieces. Check out the messaboard. There's a posting there with detailed instructions.
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