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Car Vibration

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My car rattles like crazy when i get at speeds over 50mph... i am wondering what it is... i heard people saying electrical problems... other wheel problems and so for... but in reality someone really knows; what in the heck make this problem?

I'll appreciate any support on this...
i am filling kinda stress out with this problem...
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i found out what it is folks! i have bad shocks, they all are getting replaced...
gonna add a turbo while you're at it? :bandit::hmmm:
i have a turbo...
SOC 1.5 w/ scoupe pistons
T3/T4 turbo
10:1 FMU
Blitz - blow off valve
Turbonetics - wastegate
Fuel pressure regulator - set at 49.5psi
310cc injectors
Turbo XS - manual boost controler

The set-up runs fine, but i am running out of fuel big time...
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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