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Car wont start now ant then.

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my car wont start from time to time, it just dies like when you try to start it without the clutch in. no ignition at all.

then magically it will work, then it wont the next time. i sat trying the key nine times before it kicked over once, what it happening, what can i do to fix it?

LC2 Accent

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It's probably the starter solenoid. Go under the hood, take out the starter solenoid lead wire, plug in another wire and tap it to the + battery terminal (make sure your car is not in gear when doing this, the clutch safety switch is bypassed) If you hear a tick and then nothing, or nothing at all, it is your solenoid not energizing.

If it does fire right away, check it a few times to be sure. It's probably a relay or some bad ground on the way that has failed.

Depending on your options and engine, you may be able to dismantle the solenoid with the starter installed. I'm not an expert on LC2 engine bay layout, or which way the solenoid bolts face, so you may have to remove the starter.
could be a faulty switch the key cylinder too
will have a look.

cheers fellas.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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