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hello, well i am new hear, but i thought i would tell you that i have been talking to MB autosports and have convinved them to make a carbon fiber hood for 2000+ accents. this is what they have told me:Doug:

When you get 5 people interested just let us know and we will make a sign up
page on our site.

The hoods will be $395 for the first 10 and $445 for every hood after that.
Shipping will be $150 in the 48 states. So Cal buyers can arrange for pick

The hood will be lighter than stock but we cannot estimate the weight
without actually seeing/making the hood.

Also, we will need a donor car to use their stock hood. Their stock hood
will probably need to be repainted once this is done and they will need to
leave us their car for 1-2 weeks. But they will get the hood at a big
discount - $200.

We will need atleast 10 pre-paid orders before we begin production. We will
begin accepting payments once we have 10 or more people signed up. It will
take 1-2 weeks to mold and 1-2 weeks to begin manufacturing. Hoods can begin
shipping in as little as 4-6 weeks and shipping takes 4-5 working days.

We look forward to hearing from you.

----- ----- -----
MB Autosport
Check out our FREE BODY KIT program

well i hope yall will eat this up, all you need to do is just email them with your request. after we get this in production we can get earlier models as well.

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I'll put some news up on the site about it and hopefully we can get some people to sign up!

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