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Carshow!! Carshow!!!

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Wanted to let all my fellow Hyundai owners that there will be a car show on October 15th in Stockton, Ca. Trying to make it a big thing but need more cars to register...I would like to see more than just my Hyundai there. E-mail me at [email protected] for any support Stockton.....

Alex-2002 Hyundai Accent
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I have to work that day. Otherwise I'd join you. I looked for you at HIN a few years back but everytime I went to check out your car, you weren't around. I'll have to catch up with you next time I guess.

BTW, post some pics of your car. I haven't seen it since HT was shut down. Later.
Sent you a email, email me back with all of the details :)
Well you haven't responded back so I'm assuming this is a no go? :confused:
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