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sup, ive been posting on, and i jsut found this place (my accent is "new") im just wonderin about this light... we made an appointment with the dealer for last saturday, and we took it in to see about that gastank/cap recall on 98's. they checked the tank, and when i asked the guy why i still had the same gas cap he said "oh, they sent those out about a year ago, this was just to check the tank and ur ok" and when i asked him if he could check if the cap had been switched by VIN he said "i don't really know how to use the computer to look it up in (whatever database) , but the technician said it had the replacement cap already on it."
so i dunno, but we decided not to have them scan it right then, for lack of time and plus its 67 bucks...but regardless the CEL is still on. (can u get ur car scanned and diagnosed at other places?)

but anyway, the car seems to run fine for the most part, except for occasionally i think it sounds funny when it starts, almost as if the cylinders fire funny or at the same time (i really don't kno much but seems like a werid thing like that) my clock just died today too, and thats strange cus just yesterday i ripped the dash up to re-connect the back speakers.. the clock is connected but just seems to have burnt out.

..but any ideas bout the CEL, and what are all the sensors that could be loose/disconnected that i should check?


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