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Changing Brakes

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How hard is it to swap the fron rotors out ans set some new ones in, also some new pads. I was thinking of getting some drilled or slotted rotors from pep boys and some ceramic pads. Also, they have some universal rear springs at pep boys that will make the car stiffer when turning. These any good?
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it took me and my dad 2 hours we had to heat it up and beat it off with a hammer over and over again we did it so much that it cracked the rotor good thing that it was not good anymore and im only talking about one side but putting it all back together was a piece of cake nothing to it
I have only had the car 3 months, cant be too hard.
your probably right cause i changed my rotors after 3 years so it had time to rust and make it really hard to take off but yeah its not to hard if the car is fairly new
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