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<b>Your display cluster in any color you want</b>

advice: before doing this do several things. take a polaroid pic of your cluster when your car is running and warmed up so you will know exactly where to put your needles when your finished. get some window tint from a local dealer in any color you want your cluster to shine. Do not use magnetic screw drivers otherwise your needles won't sit still when the screwdriver is near.

1. 4 bolts to remove, two above steering colum in cluster groove, two down below the steering colum on each side. Also remove steering colum casing top piece, otherwise it gets in the way. Remove black piece holding display cluster in.

2. four bolts hold cluster in, pull out, remove three wires in back and remove cluster completely.

3. remove clear casing from cluster.

4. with a screw driver place the flad head just under the bottom of the needle center, place your finger just above the needle center as a counter balance. push down on screw driver handle, fladhead goes up, needle pops off. do this to all needles.

5. the center display piece is held on be two screws, remove it. the side display's are held on by sticky stuff, pull them off gently. remember to remove the tach needle rest before otherwise you wont be able to remove the tach's display.

6. tint the back side of these with any color you like, I did blue.

7. do steps 5-4 in reverse.

8. this is abit tricky, put your needles back on exactly like the pic shows that you took in advance. all except the tach. you need to plug in your cluster and turn on your car. let it completely warm up. once your idle is at normal stick the needle on like in your pic.

9. two options, keep light blubs as they are or remove the blue cover on each bulb. choice one will keep your cluster an even shade of color. problem is the tint darkens your cluster quite abit. option two brightens the display cluster. problem is afew areas will seem dark because objects are blocking the direct light from behind the cluster. your choice.

10. reverse steps 1-2. your done :)

Yea its kinda ricy but I don't think anyone can really tell the difference from ricy colored clusters and aftermarket ones and what I just described up above will save some money :)


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