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Cheap power for 2.4

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My fiance bought a 2.4 ltr. Santa Fe, which I believe is the same motor that goes in some Sonatas, correct? Well, anyway, we need this thing to have a little more power for the Missouri hills on the interstates and I was wondering what would be the best dollar/power ratio modification I could do to this thing to give it the extra power to not downshift on most hills in cruise control. I know the a/c should be off and I'll be getting a k&n filter soon. The intake system is actually pretty decent with a stock cold air hose running down into the fender, so I won't drill holes in the box. I was thinking something along the lines of a high flow cat, quiet axle back exhaust, chip or something of that nature. I'd like a solid 5-8 hp.
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Ok, I've been doing a bit of research on this forum. Do you think Magnacore plug wires, ngk v-power plugs, and a k&n filter will net 5 horses? She bought the vehicle with 44,000 miles, and it has 47,000 now. I can almost guarantee the plugs and wires are original. The air filter may be too, but it looked fairly clean when I checked not too long ago.
With a full exhaust system you'd manage to get 5-8 hp. Try some headers and free flow cat, bigger piping etc. It'll be noisy but you'll see gains definately. After all is 2.4. If it's V6 the headers will be a little bit expensive than a L4 one. As for the filter, a K&N or something like that will make the car breath better. Try to remove all those ugly "chokers" from the airbox and try to make a straight pipe from the filterbox to the front of the car. Definately you'll have gains with all these but your mileage will suffer a little.
I was thinking about maybe getting a v6 catback since I think it may be larger piping. I'm sure I could pick that up at a junkyard for less than $100. A k&n filter w/ a v6 exhaust and high flow cat might get the job done.
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