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check engine light help

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ok so my CEL or (spend money) light is on and its bright. I had the codes pulled and my O2 sensor was out. I replaced it. Few weeks later the things back on again. my only thought is that I have a leak in the exhaust just before the second cat. could the reduced backpressure and heat trigger the code for a slow response?

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yea, i had that problem when i didnt have the bolts from the header to the exhaust tight enough. Is your car louder than normal, it may need a new gasket.
no if anything its a little quieter. its just those bolts that hold the back portion of the downpipe on and Im pretty sure it needs a new gasket
I have had the same problem for a while now too, P0133 (dunno if thats the same code) but i have a hole somewhere on my flexpipe. The code only pops up if i'm driving slow.
well I have decided to just put a new gasket on there, and if it throws that code again Ill just take out the CEL light out. Im getting tired of looking at it to tell yall the truth.
You might have to have a dealer reset it. Sometimes it could be both o2 sensors as well.
well I checked the codes with the OBDII scanner that the auto parts store let me use and its always just the front one. I just put a brand new O2 sensor in not a couple weeks ago to. Would it be possible just to delete that from the computers programming so for all it knows its working?
if your getting a cat efficiency code it means the 1st and 2nd o2 sensors are reading the same exhaust flow

in a lot of cases I get at my shop it is a bad catalytic converter

now recently i've had the code pop up on my accent and the culprit is a leaking flex pipe (rusted out right in the middle) so exhaust leaks will cause cat efficiency codes

if you have replaced the first sensor, if you can get ahold of an actual scanner that has datalogging capabilities, look at your 02 voltage readings, your b1s1 readings should vary much more than your b1s2 readings, if one sensor reads nothing you have a bad sensor, if they look to be reading right start checking for exhaust leaks or a bad coverter.
Is the flex pipe under warranty? I've had my CEL on for about 3 weeks and I know it's the exhaust. It sounds like all I have is a header on the thing. I just don't feel like having to pay for a stock exhaust.
unfortunately I don't think exhaust is covered under warranty unless you don't have many miles on your car

its not stainless so it will rust out over time
having that pipe replaced shouldn't cost that much anyway, check out the parts stores around where you live to see if they carry that whole pipe since it has the flex pipe and an o2 sensor bung, if not any local muffler shop should be able to fix it for pretty cheap
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