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cleaning engine

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i have never cleaned my engine bay .so it is kinda dusty/ if i wanted to enter my car into a car show how would i go about getting the entire engine really clean?

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Hyundaixitreme, I use that stuff too. I was at R&S Strauss to purchase oil to change the oil in my car and saw it on the shelf. So I used it.

Ritibby, It contains 2 cans. One is a cleaner, and the other gives it the glossy shine. It says just to put on, hose off and then spray it with the detailer and let it sit. I used a cloth rag and blended it in. Here is a picture of the finished product. I have to get a steel brush to clean part of the block and then clean that bit of rust off the hot plate. But look at all the plastic and hoses, etc. Beautiful!

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