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Someone posted this before, but this is a little more detailed! Here is how to make your headlights all orange in them, except for the bulbs! Ok first unbolt the head light assebly from the car. Next you take a flathead screw driver or creat some sort of tool and u put it through the turnsignal hole and put a lot of pressure on the reflector and then try to yank it out because theres clips inside that hold it in tack! Pop the reflector out, its not easy, but it can be done! Once you do this the reflector will be loose in the light. Now you have to grab it through the whole with ur fingers or needle nose pliars and get some wire cutters so u can crack the reflector in little pieces. Keep repeating this until you get all of the reflector out! It works, took about a half an hour, but it looks really good!!!! I will post some pics tommorrow or Sunday when its nice out!

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