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Clock light color

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What can I use to change my clock face a different color? I want it to be blue. ANy Ideas?
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Use a blue LED. Unscrew it from the center console and pull it apart by the 4 clips. After that get rid of that redish plastic thingy and use an LED to change the color.

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A blue LED? How would I set that up? Also I've seen this dark almost plastc cover on on of my buddies cars. He got vamps lighting set. I have most of my things the color I want already just would like to know what that material is vamp uses in his lighting set. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
should of just asked the master..

You COULD use lighting gels from Guitar Center or places like that. That they use for to change the lighting of stage lights. Try that. =)

You're Lord and Lighting Master.

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LOL...i have tried. Not on the forums but e-mailing you directly. Its all good. Thanks.
what led is it
Just get a 5mm bright blue led from radio shack. Put umm lets say a 1K ohm resistor in series with it. Presto....
I opened the clock and replace the reddish brown transparent plastic with 2 pieces of plastic that I cut out of the packaging of a toy. I used the old screen as a template and created a new screen. I had to double it cause it was too transparent at first. This image is blurry but the color matches the speedometer. Be careful when you close it back up I pinched the light bulb and broke it. Since the light bulb is soldered on I had to rebuy the clock.
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