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Hi all,

I received my TMS short shifter for my '04 Tiburon (inline-4, 5-spd manual) and I was overjoyed after I finished installing it. Unfortunately, however, I began hearing noises I haven't heard before on the old stock shifter.

Everytime I shift into 3rd and 5th gear, I hear a metallic clunking sound which is very annoying. It doesn't happen for 1st, 2nd, 4th, and reverse.

Besides the noise, I really love the new shift movements and feeling. What do you guys think is causing this noise?

I followed the instructions word for word and assembled everything using all the provided parts. I even took pictures while I was working so I wouldn't forget where things go and so I don't lose anything. And yes, I did grease/lubricate the new shifter and the plastic cups before putting them in .



I found the culprit. It was a loose clip--the one that holds down the plastic cup at the point where the shifter connects to the linkage. It turns out that when I was pulling on the clip earlier to remove my stock shifter, the clip got loosened and lost its rigidity/holding power. I tried to re-tighten the clip using pliers but it didn't work. So, I used a plastic cable thread (the kind used to close the plastic bread bag) to tie the ends of the clip together really tight.

While I was in there, I also sprayed some more lube onto the coiled spring, the plastic cup, and other joints.

I took the car for a test drive again and there are now no more noises and the shifting is definitely smoother than stock and way more fun!! Everyone here was right. Getting a short shifter is definitely a worthy investment!!
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