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Clunking noise - right front, 05 Accent hatchback

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when cornering pretty hard under excelleration I get a "clunk" sound from the right front. Sometimes it is more noticable if there is a bump and usually happens on left turns but sometimes on right turns. Anyone else have this experience? this car has 10K on it and is totally stock. CV joint maybe? Thanks...

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I would take it to the dealer and make them look at it. A clunking noise could be a lot of things from loose suspension components to loose lugnuts to a bent axle.
I have an apointment on friday to have it checked out.
upper strut mount....easiest way to trouble shoot
I've had that happen on another car of mine. It was a bad CV joint in my case
I had the same problem. It is the bolt where the sway bar connects to the-brain fart- the frame or whatever. Get a 12mm deep socket and a 12mm wrench and tighten the bolt. It should have a rubber bushing on it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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