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Clutch and flywheel problems!!!

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I just bought a 03 tibi GT about 2 months ago and now it is in the shop and clutch and flywheel have to be replaced. This sucks cus I really love the car. I know there is a class action suit out for defective parts, but who knows when that will be over. Meanwhile I have no ride. I have been told the best bet is to find a tech service bulletin that Hyundai released in 04' stating that the GT v6 has deformed parts and could be replaced under the warranty. The prob is that I can't find this TSB that is suppose to be out there and furthermore I don't know if I even want Hyundai to replace with stock parts. Any info will help...Thanks
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Your best bet IMO would be to get the Clutch Master Flywheel & stage2 clutch combo it's going to cost you less than OEM parts and will last the life of the car

The dual mass flywheel and sprungless clutch that Hyundai uses on those car are pieces of junk

Ho and BTW do the slave cylinder mod it's worth it
Thanks for the feedback, Ya as much as i have read in forums about the stock clutch it sucks bad. the combo sounds great but i found a stage3 Clutchmaster on ebay for 300
and i think i'm going with the Fidanza flyweel 9.5lb. I need a stage 3 cuz i'm going to put a supercarger on it real soon. the combo should coust only 645 witch is alot better than the dealer charging 2grand and I know a guy that can put it in for a bone. do you know if clutchmaster has a combo deal with stag3 and flywheell for 2.7 s?
WO WO WO make sure it's not "e"ClutchMaster from eBay cuz those suxs worst than the OEM stuf

there is a world of diffrence betwen "eClutch Master" and Clutch Master

also the fidanza looks great but some had lots of fitment problems with them to the extent that the flywheel ring gear and starter were destroyed
you almost have to buy the two types of flywheel HY3 & HY5 to see witch will fit your car best
this is why I didint recomend it

and yes CM makes a stage 3 or 4 if you like sprung or unsprung

just dont buy the cheap stuff from eBay cuz you always get what you paid for

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somehow i wonder if HMC Has responded from these complaint's and install some better clutch plate's on the later Generation GK's..Exp..2004-2006 GK Tiburons
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