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Clutch goes to Floor

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I went to start the accent today and the clutch went all the way to the floor. Its been doing it for quite some time, but I been to busy focusing on the electical problems its has. I've always been able to pump the clutch and build up pressure but not today. I've read that it could be the slave or master cylinder but if that was the case shouldn't I not beable to move it in and out of gears?
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You can shift gears without using the clutch, so you should still beable to shift gears. Do you have enough fluid in the slave cylinder? Check for leaks, check the bleed valve see if it has wiggled loose. If it has the fluid still and it is not leaking, then it is probible the seal on the slave cylinder piston.
no you should not be able to shift gears I don't think if the master is toast. My money would be on the master cylinder.
my money would be on the slave cylinder, since the master cylinder works the brakes.
There doesnt appear to be any leaks and there is plenty of fluid in it. I not sure where the bleed valve is but Ill check my with my haynes manual and look at the car. Is there a way to check the slave cylinder with out just going out and buying a new one?

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Originally posted by meee2yo
my money would be on the slave cylinder, since the master cylinder works the brakes.
I hope that was a joke.
wait hold up.... the clutch pedal ISN' supposed to go to the floor???....... mine has done that ever since i got it at 17 miles on the odometer.................... my clutch doesnt pressurize but my brake pedal does..... my clutch pushes back a little when i try pushing it to the floor.........????????? is something up with my car???

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The reason the brakes do that is they are vaccum assisted. Once your out of vaccum.. its hard to push. The clutch system is not assisted. I can pump mine all day long. I think what he is talking about is when there is air in it. The pedal drops to the floor with no effort. Try bleeding it and give it new fluid. Mine was NASSTTYY at 30k. If that doesn't work I would guess slave cyl is dead/almost dead.
wooh..:embarrassed: ya'll scared the sh*t out of me there for a second..............:nervous:
Ok I have it fixed, I think... After taking a closer look at what was happening with the car I could the see that the slave cylinder was not being activated when the clutch was being pressed. That made me think that there is something wrong with the master cylinder. I went ahead and took it out, but it was too late to run to my local parts store, who I know would have to special order to get one, they don't usually keep Korean parts on hand, anyway since the store was closed I decide to just take the master cylinder apart to see if I couldn't see something wrong. I didn't really know what I was doing but I got it apart. Besides having really bad fluid and being abit dirty it looked fine but then I started playing with it and found something that was suppose to move but wasn't and sprayed it with a little WD-40 and it was all good from there. Put that sunabitch back together and back in the car. That was by far the hardest part. Changed all the fluid and bled the system. Clutch is working and feeling a hole lot better. The seals on the master cylinder looked fine so I'm not to worried. If the clutch goes back out on me here soon I guess I'll have to replace the master cylinder with a new one but until then I think I fixed it.:)

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OK Clutch went back to hell on me again. This time its different, now when I push the clutch in and hold it in, it will eventually begin to engage causing the car to go. Not so cool when your at a stop light. So my question is WHICH CYLINDER SHOULD I REPLACE MASER OR SLAVE OR BOTH?

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sounds exactly like my problem. it could be that one of the springs has fallen out of the clutch itself.

either that or there is a leak and the pressure is leaking out.
Yea I think its leaking but I dont see loss of fluid or evidince that its leaking.:puzzled:
Maybe it is an internal leak <Fluid going around piston>
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