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Ok.. wasn't as big of a PITA as I thought it would be but I am sore and dead tired. I had a bunch of people helping but only two others really did anything.

Special thanks to:
Rob (for getting me a new TOB when my first one was bad)
ryanolson for helping turn wrenches and letting me use his dad's garage
tharptroy for shipping me a flywheel to cut down on my downtime
everyone who I asked dumb questions to before I started and those who learned hard lessons so I wouldn't have to

now the pics...


the other guy who helped out alot

the crew

Getting started.

I dunno how you guys got the trans on the frame without lowering it some....

why the hell not.

Its coming free.. woot!

its free!!

the disk didn't look bad at all. The PP looked like hell.

the ACT on the flywheel

getting the grease off of her

and just after fighting with just about everything the clutch is out and were acting like goof balls.
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